“And Saul built an altar unto the LORD: the same was the first altar that he built unto the LORD.” – 1  Samuel 14:35

Saul, Israel’s first king was one of the biggest disappointments in the entire Bible.  He was a man loaded with natural talent and leadership ability but ultimately ruined his life and influence through brash actions.  The last phrase of our text reveals a fundamental flaw in Saul’s life that is really indicative of his entire reign.  On the surface it appears like a good thing that Saul was building an altar, the problem was it came too late.  Saul had been reigning for over two years at the time of our text and was in the middle of a battle with the Philistines; yet the Bible says that this altar “was the first altar that he built unto the LORD.”  What could be Saul’s reasoning for failing to seek the Lord more often?  I wonder if it was because he was too busy; too busy attending to the needs of the people to seek the Lord.  Too busy fighting the Lord’s enemies without bothering to ask the Lord for the strength to defeat them.  I wonder how often today we are like King Saul.  I wonder if we are too busy living our lives and going about our routines to seek God’s face for strength and guidance.  May God help each of us to learn from the life of Saul and never allow ourselves to get too busy to seek the Lord.