Get in Sync!

The Mount Calvary Baptist calendar can push events to your mobile device with a little configuration.  Never be out of touch with what’s going on at church again!  This process requires the use of a smart phone capable of using online calendar services from Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, or any other ICS capable calendar.  Generally:

  • iPhones will use the Apple method
  • Android phones will use the Google method
  • Windows phones will use the Outlook method

You may be using multiple calendars or alternate ways to keep track of events on your mobile device.  For instance, a Google calendar on an iPhone.  If that is the case, simply be aware and apply the method listed below that best fits the primary calendar used on your device.


At the bottom of the website, drop down the choices from the “Subscribe” button and pick the desired calendar.

Apple Method

Coming Soon!

Outlook Method

Select Outlook from the Subscribe menu.  The browser will prompt for permission to open the local Outlook client.


All the browser to “Launch Application” and wait for all activity to cease.  Outlook should ask for direction, whether you wish to load the calendar into the application or not.


Click “Yes” and the events should populate.  The events may or may not create alerts.

Google Method

After selecting “Add to Google” your Calendar will open based upon your logged in accounts.  If prompted, log in to your Google account.


Choose “Yes, add this calendar” and the events will populate to your web calendar.  However, these “other calendars” will not synchronize to an iphone until selected specifically.  Drop down the settings menu as depicted in the screenshot below or go directly to the synchronization link



Check the box under “Shared Calendars” to include Mount Calvary’s Calendar.  Please remember that the events will not create alerts automatically.  However, you can configure your calendar to always provide emails or SMS messages for events, if desired.  To configure event reminders, drop down the menu from the desired calendar, and go to “Reminders and Notifications” and configure as needed.